Math Investigations
Even if math was not your favorite subject, or even if you yourself are not good in math, there are things you can do to help a child.  It is our hope that this information will assist in a better understanding of math for your student.  If you do need more help please don't hesitate to contact your student's teacher.

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Grade 3
Grade Unit Letter Activity Other
 Kindergarten  1  Counting Describing Objects  
   2  Counting and Comparing Count and Compare  
   3  What Comes Next? Finding Patterns  
   4  Measuring and Counting Measuring Shoes  
   5  Make a Shape Finding Shapes  
   6  How many do you have? Solving Story Problems  
   7  Sorting and Surveys Counting Data  
 First  1  Counting &Comparing Sets Counting Activities Math Homework Help
   2  Making Shapes Shapes and Designs  

 Solving Story Problems

Counting Activities  
   4  What would you rather be? Sorting and Grouping  
   5  Fish Lengths & Animal Jumps Measuring with Different Units  
   6 Number Games Finding Pairs that equal 10  
   7 Color Shapes & Number Patterns Pattern Hunt  
   8 Twos, Fives and Tens Tens Go Fish  
   9 Blocks and Boxes 3-D Shape Hunt  
 Second  1 Counting Coins Telling Time & Counting Change  Homework
   2 Shapes, Blocks & Symmetry Shapes, Blocks & Symmetry  Addition Combinations
   3 Stickers, Number Strings and Story Problems Calculator Exploration  
   4 Pockets, Teeth and Favorite Things Categories for Real World Items  
   5 How many floors? How many rooms? Drawing Buildings  
   6 How many tens? How many ones? Counting Money  
   7 Parts of a Whole Fractional Parts  
   8 Partners, Teams and Paperclips Solving Addition and Subtraction Problems  
   9 Measuring Length and Time Different Ways to Measure  


Trading Stickers, Combinding Coins Practicing Addition Combinations Homework
   2 Surveys and Line Plots Guess My Rule
   3 Collections and Travel Stories Collections  
   4 Perimeter, Angles, and Area Measuring Around the House  
   5 Equal Groups Things that come in groups. Multiplication Combinations
   6 Stories, Tables, and Graphs Graphing Information  
   7 Finding Fair Shares Everyday Fractions  
   8 How many hundreds? How many miles? Estimating and making change  
   9 Solids and Boxes Finding Solid Shapes  
 Fourth  1 Factors, Multiples and Arrays Finding Arrays and Making Predictions  Homework
   2 Describing the Shape of Data Likelihood, Chance and Probability Multiplication Combinations
   3 Multiple Towers and Division Stories Multiplication and Division  
   4 Size, Shape and Symmetry How long is it?  
   5 Landmarks and Large Numbers Estimating and Making Change  
   6 Fraction Cards and Decimal Squares Fraction and Decimal Scavenger Hunt  
   7 Moving Between Solids and Silhouettes Seeing Silhouettes  
   8 How many packages? How many groups? Everyday Multiplication and Division Situations  
   9 Penny Jars and Plant Growth Weather Trends  
Fifth 1 Number Puzzles and Multiple Towers Estimating and Division Homework
2 Prisms and Pyramids Comparing Volume Multiplication Combinations
3 Thousands of Miles, Thousands of Seats How did You Solve that?
4 What’s That Portion? Everyday Fractions and Percents
5 Measuring Polygons Practicing Perimeter
6 Decimals on Grids and Number Lines Everyday Decimals
7 How Many People? How Many Teams? Estimating Large Products and Quotients
8 Growth Patterns What is in the News?
9 How Long Can You Stand on One Foot? Data in the Media

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